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Sarah Jane "The Story"

Sarah-Jane – «With Heart & Soul»


Good mood has a name: Sarah-Jane. After almost 20 years in the folk music and hit business, the Basel native reinvents herself with the album "Mit Herz & Soul".


When Sarah-Jane calls her new album "With Heart & Soul", she doesn't do it by accident. "Mit Herz & Soul" isn't just an album title. "Mit Herz & Soul" is the program on the new long player from the Basel bidder. Because there is a lot of both in this 16-track work. The sheer length of the tracklist alone shows that there are few artists willing to give more heart to their fans. In times of Spotify and pressure on margins in the music business, who else packs so many songs onto an album?


But it's not just in the crowd that Sarah-Jane pours out her heart on "Mit Herz & Soul". Even in the songs themselves. Of course, the songs that the singer and entertainer has put together on her new album are well-known songs. But how she did it is all new, dewy — and incredibly refreshing. Sarah-Jane re-recorded all songs for "Mit Herz & Soul" together with the Dani Sparn Orchestra. Not only with heart and soul, but also with a lot of groove, dynamics and sensitivity. In short: the woman, who has made a name for herself in pop and folk music circles over the past 20 years, emancipates herself from this corset and, thanks to her new producer Manu Stix, expands her artistic profile to become a soul diva.  


Of course, that can still be "lippy" like in "You're mine for breakfast". But also opulent and with a lot of soul as in "There are always miracles". "Alle Tage Herz" flirts coquettishly with country rhythms, "Das Farbenspiel des Winds" is a magnificently orchestrated ballad that is unparalleled far and wide. And then of course the classics "Sway" by Dean Martin, "Caruso" by Lucio Dalla or the unique interpretation of "Purple Rain" should not be missing. In short: no hurdle is too high for Sarah-Jane to jump over with seemingly effortless ease.


Only: Changing images is such a thing for musicians. As a rule, they have two options - and none of them are really exciting: Either they uncompromisingly focus on what makes them want to - with the risk of alienating the fans. Or they follow the preferences of the followers, who ultimately helped to make them a star - and risk getting artistically dead-end.


After she was discovered by Ländlerkönig Carlo Brunner, Sarah-Jane pushed her career forward carefully and purposefully - and yet always carefully. Today the singer and musician, who was born in India in 1985 and was adopted in Switzerland when she was six months old, is one of the big names in the industry in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. With the album "Mit Herz & Soul" she is about to open a new chapter in her career and expand her musical nature and work by (at least) one facet.


In recent years, Sarah-Jane has continuously expanded her repertoire with songs from the endless universe of gospel, rock and pop. After her last album «Magic Moments», on which she collected highlights from 16 years of her career and a dreamlike piano ballad «Du bist mein Kompass», written for her mother, in spring 2021 she released the single «Dein Lied» indicated the musical direction in which she should go in the future.


Whereby: It's probably too high to believe that Sarah-Jane can be pinned down to a single musical direction. The charismatic singer from Rothenfluh, BL, is simply too versatile to be pigeonholed. There are elements of pop, hits and country to be heard; Sarah-Jane doesn't shy away from celebrating funky brass sections as well as tracks that follow well-known Schlager schemes. What they have in common in this musical diversity is a good mood and a fundamentally positive view of life. A virus that, in contrast to others, one likes to be infected by.


At the age of 18, Sarah-Jane won the first folk talent competition at the Engelberg Alpine Schlager Festival. Hit composer and folk music legend Carlo Brunner and his sister Maja Brunner were so enthusiastic that he immediately took them under his wing. The fact that she was voted into the international final of the Grand Prix of Folk Music by the Swiss audience in 2004, 2005 and 2009 was almost a logical consequence - with second place internationally with "Once there, once here" as the great highlight .  


This was followed by appearances in all the major TV shows such as the "Krone der Volksmusik", "Musikantenstadl", "Immer wieder Sundays", "Froehlicher Leben". "Donnschtig-Jass" and many more. In 2008 it was Sarah-Jane, who presented herself in Basel's St. Jakobspark, which was almost at home

42,500 spectators opened EURO 08 with the Swiss national anthem. It's no wonder, since she's now teaming up with well-established figures in the entertainment industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

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